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Data breach at Mr Bridge?

When I tried to sign on to this forum this morning, Chrome (my browser), told me there had been a data breach at Mr Bridge, and that I had to change my password immediately to keep my account safe. Of course that leads straight away to the question: if I change my Mr Bridge password now, what is to stop whoever originally hacked into the website from doing so again and stealing my new password?

More importantly, why haven't users been warned of this data breach by Mr Bridge?

I should add that I have 160 passwords according to Chrome, and the Mr Bridge site is the only one on my list with a compromised password.)


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    I can find no evidence of a data breach at Mr Bridge. Chrome checks if the u/name & password combination has been compromised in a data breach on some site or app. I have checked mine for this forum and it has not been compromised. The data breach could have occurred on any site where you have used the same combination in the past. Please note, never use a password on more than one site.
    Ruth Edmondson - website manager

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