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In a club quiz during lock-down, on one hand Opener had S - J 10 8 4 H none - D - A Q 10 8 7 6 3 C - 9 5. We are told not to open a 3 level Pre-empt with a 4 card major on the side. I passed. Another club member sent in a long dialogue stating he opened 1 diamond even though it held only 7 Milton Work points! He went on saying that Marty Bergen said in his book "To open or Not to open when considering the rule of 20"!
I have looked at Bernards Three Level Pre-empts point 1. Strength which states to open the bidding at the 1 level the rule is you need 12HCP or 13 points including length. What would you bid with the above hand?


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    It is not legal in England to agree to open at the one-level with fewer than 8 high-card points. Even if it were legal, I think that opening 1D seriously mis-describes the hand.

    It is not ideal to pre-empt in diamonds with a four-card major on the side. But it is not the worst thing in the world if the diamond suit is a good quality and the spade suit is weak. On this hand, the spade suit is moderate and I think that the hand would make a super dummy if partner can bid spades - so I would pass in first or second seat. In third seat, I would open 3D.

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