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Showing 2 four card majors

A player opened 1NT (12-14) and partner responded 2 Clubs (stayman) Opener then bids 2NT and when questioned said it shows 2 four card majors!!
I cannot find this convention in any of my Bridge books nor EBU training manuals or on-line. Can anyone advise the validity of this bid as it has flaws in my opinion. If responder has say 5 hearts and 4 spades but very few points and wants to do a weakness takeout by bidding 2 Clubs - if opener makes the above re-bid of 2NT then partner would have to go to the 3 level in a weakness takeout in hearts.


  • There are various response structures possible to Stayman. But as you point out, you can't use Stayman with a weak hand if possible responses will force you to the three-level. Personally, I think that the ability to use Stayman with a weak hand (4441, 4450, 4531, 5431 etc) is very useful and particularly if playing a weak no trump.

    If you are prepared to only use Stayman with at least invitational values, you can devise more sophisticated response structures. It might be argued that there is less need for weak versions of Srayman if playing a strong no trump.

    In Britain, the standard response do not go beyond 2S, but other structures are common in other countries.

  • I agree. I have seen a few people use 2NT in this way but I much prefer to have weak/rescue Stayman available especially over a weak NT. But I saw a hand where two French internationals used this over a strong NT.
    The easiest way to ensure finding a 4-4 major fit if opener has two-card majors is to make the 1NT-2C-2H-2S sequence forcing for one round. Responder shows 4 spades and 11+ points but denies 4 hearts. This finds a 4-4 spade fit if opener has both majors. It is simple and effective, especially when using non-promissory Stayman, and loses no bidding space, but is unfortunately not taught as part of standard Stayman, so needs to be agreed with your partner.

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