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When can a board be cancelled for slow play

Was playing at my local club last night when the move was called and one table was in the middle of a board (habitually slow players). The director cancelled the board and awarded an average. I queried this as I thought that once the cards had been removed then the board could not be cancelled but he said that if they were falling more than 10 minutes behind they could. Law 17 says when board starts but cant find anything in the laws about when a board can be cancelled.


  • The rules on slow play may be governed by the Conditions of Contest. A club may, for example, have conditions of contest which govern the procedure in the event of slow play. But most club-level competitions would not have.

    If an event is played in accordance with EBU regulations, the White book advice to TDs recommends (
    "As a matter of principle, a TD should not remove a board from a table because it is late once an auction has commenced, unless the table was told not to play the board. In the latter case a procedural penalty for both sides should be issued and the board cancelled."

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