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Timing out slow players

How should slow play be handled - is timing out players a fair procedure.


  • Normally a director will first give a warning, and then take away a board if necessary. It is important to establish who is at fault for the purpose of assigning the score. Sometimes if a player is taking a super long time or arrives at the table very late, you should call the director to avoid disputes about whose fault it was.

  • Say a board takes seven and a half minutes to play. 24 boards in 3 hours.
    At the start of the last board on the Directors table, they might politely say, " You should be on your last board". At the end of the last board on the Directors table they announce, " Move where you can".
    After this a board should not be started.
    A board in progress can be completed.
    It would be prudent if you are held up, and it is not your fault, to draw it to the attention of the Director.
    Everyone can contribute to timeliness.

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