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Is a two-way 1C opening legal at EBU Level Two?

Specifically, is it legal at level two to have a partnership agreement which specifies that 1C is either a natural club opening (12+ points, longest suit) or a 23+ point hand, any shape? (All other opening bids in the system are natural.)


  • In a word ‘no’. At Level’s Four and Five you can, but even these have constraints.

    Basically Level Two is the entry level and caters for those just starting off in the Bridge World.
  • Thanks for the reply. I think the answer needs a quotation or two from the Blue Book to be definitive. Level Two allows Strong Club systems such as the Nottingham Club. I’ve been on a level two holiday where one pair seemed to start almost every sequence with 1D, alerted as “May contain no diamonds at all”. With the demise of L3, many clubs are now L2, with no apparent loss of highly experienced players. L2 may be the entry level, but it is also the level played by many county-level players much of the time.

  • I think the relevant section of the Blue Book which disallows it is 6C3. The EBU has no competitions run at Level 3 but clubs or other regulatory authorities are free to use it or specifically disallow agreements if they wish.

  • I would expect most clubs to allow Level 4 conventions. the Blue Book suggests Level 2 is suitable "for novice events, no fear events and events where there are several flights and a separate level is wanted for the lowest flight."

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