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When can Declarer change his card?

I recently played against a very experienced player/director (NGS Ace of diamonds) and would like your opinion on the judgement made.
Declarer (him) called for a trump from Dummy which came around to me in fourth seat and I won the trick. He then said that he had not intended a low trump but a high trump and that Dummy must have misheard him. I contested that as the trick had been played and established he could not now take the card back, (very brave of me) and I was firmly "put in my place" and told that until the first card of the next trick is played, Declarer can change his mind. Surely this can't be right! Declarer has now seen both the opponents' cards! The acting Director was summoned and backed up Declarer. Declarer made Game instead of going one off. Opinions please.


  • Part of the evidence here is what you and your partner heard, but often declarer is assumed to have known what he said.

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