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Bridge Club Timers

edited July 2008 in All Things Bridge
Does anyone know of a design of timer available that would be suitable for a bridge club? We would like an alarm to sound 3 minutes before the end of a round.


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    There is a plug-in digital bridge clock that can be set for the times & number of boards per round - try the bridge shop in London. Our club is currently experimenting with kitchen timers; there is one that can be set to sound more than once but entails lots of bleeping to reset after each round.
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    Thanks for your post. I found this timer quite by chance and it has proved brilliant because of its simplicity. I can preset it for say 12 minutes and when it rings just call out "3 more minutes". Then just press "start" again when everyone moves. There is no need to reset the time you have chosen. I am definitely more relaxed now when TDing and often my partner will take control of the timer which seems to fascinate everybody.
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