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Wrong person puts down as Dummy

What action is required after the correct defender makes a lead, but the wrong person starts to put their hand down as dummy, revealing to the other 3 players  about six cards in 2 suits.


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    I think that the relevant law is:

    A. Declarer Exposes a Card 
    Declarer is not subject to restriction for exposing a card (but
    see Law 45C2), and no card of declarer’s or dummy’s hand
    ever becomes a penalty card. Declarer is not required to play
    any card dropped accidentally. 
    B. Declarer Faces Cards 
    1. When declarer faces his cards after an opening lead
    out of turn, Law 54 applies. 
    2. When declarer faces his cards at any time other
    than immediately after an opening lead out of turn,
    he may be deemed to have made a claim or
    concession of tricks (unless he demonstrably did not
    intend to claim), and Law 68 then applies. 

    I don't think that that there was an opening lead out of turn and declarer was not attempting to claim, so I believe that 48.A applies. Declarer picks up the cards without penalty and the correct dummy places their cards on the table. Play continues as normal. Knowledge of declarers cards is NOT unauthorised information to the defenders.
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