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Bidding problem

Non vul against vul opponents.  RHO opens 3H (preempt) and I hold Spade Q 10 5, Heart A J 5, Diamond K J, Club A K 10 8 6.  Should I bid 3NT, 4 Clubs or double?

I actually doubled and LHO bid 4H!

My partner held Spade A 9 8 7 4 2, Heart 4, Diamond A 8 7, Club 9 5 2 and bid 4S. Which made comfortably but I naturally wanted to double 4 Hearts for a juicy penalty.  Should my partner pass 4 Hearts to allow this?


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    You doubled for take out and partner had six spades so, no, he should not pass in case you have a penalty double when you've made a take out double. Its only a sizeable penalty because partner has two aces. I would bid 3NT over 3H.
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