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Opening bid

Which of these hands is the better for an opening bid, and why?




Cheers, yarboro


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    I am by no means an expert but for what it's worth...
     I  would be happy to open the first hand 1S. It meets the Rule of 20 and I can deal with any response by rebidding 2H asking partner to give preference. 
    The second hand is not worth 10 HCP in my book because of the two singleton kings. I would rate it at 8 HCP so it does not meet the Rule of 20.  In 1st, 2nd or 3rd seat I would prefer to pass, hoping to overcall spades or bid Landy or Michaels. In the passout seat I would borrow a king and open 1S. 
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    Although both hands are shapely they both have a significant weakness - with only 10 HCPs each they both have six of those points in the short suits. Conversely they have very few points in the five and six-card suits. The AQ of diamonds in the first hand and the singleton kings in the second hand are likely to be as useful in defence as when playing the contract (possibly more useful in defence). For this reason I would tend to be cautious.

    Some aggressive players might open either hand, but I would probably pass both.
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    In fourth seat? 
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    Just run both hands through Jack. Jack passed both in any seat. 
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    this is really interesting
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