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20 HCP and RHO opens. What should I bid?

Opener bids 1H, and I have S AKQ   H KQ986   D 9    C AQ52 


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    You are too strong to pass and hope that partner protects with a double (a "trap pass"). Partner is likely to be rather weak and if you pass you are likely defending 1H and whilst you would expect to defeat 1H, it may not be adequate compensation for a potential game your way.

    You are also too strong to over-call 1NT (which should show about 15-18, depending upon partnership agreements).

    I would double 1H and if partner bids 2D, I would then bid 2NT. Doubling, then bidding NT at the lowest level should show a hand that was too strong to over-call 1NT initially (about 19-21 depending upon partnership agreements).
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    So logical! Many thanks. 
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