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Opening with a 12 point balanced hand

All Acol books state that you should open 1NT with a perfectly balance hand and 12- 14 points.

I have Q - Plus Bridge 10 and setting it at Standard ACOL or Intermediate and even Advanced level I put in a hand with 4 Spades 3 Hearts, 3 Diamonds and 3 clubs with 12 points and as Dealer North vulnerable the Computer passed. 

In fact 3 Spades makes as South happened to have 4 spades but the computer played it as 3 diamonds E/W.

Why would Q Plus not open 1NT??


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    I have no experience of this software. Is it one particular hand it passes? Or does it pass all 4333 12-point hands? I'm guessing it is one particular hand.

    The method of counting points (4 for an ace, 3 for a king etc) is a tool to help us value bridge hands. What do you think of this method? It is simple to use, pretty accurate and has stood the test of time. It is used by the vast majority of all bridge players - at least as a starting point. But it is not perfect and good players will tend to make small adjustments up and down for other features in their hand. [In my experience, players are more likely to value upwards for "good" features than value downward for "bad" features!].

    Good features would include:
     - Long suits (particularly long suits containing more than one honour card and good intermediates)
     - Intermediate cards (10s and 9s). The average hand will have one of each. Having more 10s and 9s is a good feature..
     - Points in your long suits.
     - Honour cards and intermediates working in combination with each other.
     - Aces (tend to be undervalued by the 4321 point count method).
     - Shortages (voids and singletons and even doubletons) - for suit contracts.

    Bad features would include:
     - Sterile balanced shapes (particularly 4333 and 4441)
     - Honour cards in short suits
     - Honour cards unsupported by other honours or intermediates.
     - No intermediates
     - Singleton honours, or doubletons such as QX JX.
     - Queens (and Jacks) tend to be over-valued by the point count method.
     - No ruffing potential - for suit contracts.

    None of these are worth an extra point or a point less on their own. But several good features in a hand might cause you to value the hand upwards by a point (or 2). Several bad features might cause you to value downwards.

    I'm guessing that the algorithm used by Q-Plus downgraded for bad features - including the 4333 shape. 

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