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Teams of Four - Fouled Board

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Last night we played teams at my local club (Kendal, UK) and as N in the middle of the evening I played a 2NT* contract to make 10 tricks and a good score of 690. A boost for the team.

However, the Bridgemate would not accept the result and the TD called. Eventually, it was found that the board had been fouled at the previous table with N and E hands transposed completely.

The board was declared 'No Play' and so no 690 for me!

However, no penalty was applied to the N/S or E/W pair at the 'guilty' table and in one case a team made a very big imps gain.

I understand why my team could not be scored for the board but I felt very aggrieved that the pairs from two teams that fouled the board were not penalised. Was I right to be annoyed? 


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    I am not a director, but a few questions come to my mind:

     - You state "Teams of Four" in the title. Was the "previous table" your teammates? and/or teammates of your opponents?
     - If it was not either of your teammates, had they your teammates already played the board? If they hadn't played it, it might be possible for them to play the board as transposed.
     - If they had played the board before it was fouled, it might be possible to redeal and avoid a "no play" [I'm not sure what the laws say here?]
     If it is a "No Play", then you should both get average plus - but this will even out in practice if neither side was at fault (depending upon the format of the competition).
     - The director can - at her discretion - issue a procedural penalty against the pairs who fouled the boards - again this might even out, depending upon the format of the competition.
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