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Overcalling with a 6 and a 5 card suit

Opener bids 1 diamond. Second seat has 13hcp and 5 spades and 6 clubs. What should she bid? If it was 5 hearts and 6 clubs is the unusual 2NT the right convention. Is there a general rule for overcalling with 6/5 hands if one or both suits are majors


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    The first question is what bids do you have available?

    There are various ways of playing an Unusual NT (UNT), but in the most usual method the bid shows the two lowest unbid suits (in this case clubs and hearts). If you play this method you will not have a UNT available. Others might not have a UNT available because they play the bid as showing either weak or strong hands but not intermediate hands (this method is less common these days).

    If you don't have a UNT available (or other two-suited overcall such as Ghestem) then you have a choice between bidding 1S or 2C. If you feel that you are strong enough to make two bids, it is probably best to overcall 2C and bids spades next. If not, then you might choose to overcall 1S if the club suit is weak or the spade suit is particularly strong.

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