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Bridge Rules simplified

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I would like to start some training to become a TD, but I am unable to get hold of a copy of Bridge Rules Simplified.   Apparently because the Rules are being updated whoever prints these has stopped doing so until the end of the year when the new rules are agreed.   I would just like to ask those who print Bridge Rules Simplified, or the person who gave that order, how am I supposed to get a copy between now and end of the year?  I have come across a copy online with an exorbitant price tag......  Its seems ridiculous to stop producing these when there is no alternative available....
Gill Lloyd


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    For TDs, a proper copy of the Laws is needed, and whoever is running the training will probably require that you have one. But perhaps you would be better off postponing the training until the new Laws come into effect. If not you will need to go to a seminar or whatever your RA requires to update your knowledge.
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