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Is 'BRIDGE' magazine no longer being published online?

I notice that the latest edition of 'BRIDGE' in the online library is dated January.  I assume that the February edition was printed and mailed last month, but not yet filed online.

Tragically I did have a multi-year subscription to the print edition, but it only expired last month.  I was relying on the continuation of Mr Bridge's commitment to publish the softcopies online.  No-one told me there would be such a delay between the mailing of the print edition and the online publication.  I hope the ads in the online edition are still current when it eventually arrives.


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    The on-line version usually appears a few weeks after the printed version.  If it came out at the same time as the print copy I suspect more subscribers would let their subscriptions lapse. Mr Bridge relies on subscribers as well as advertisers  to keep the publication going. 
    I think the EBU English Bridge magazine is only available on-line  to non-members six months after the print version is mailed out. 
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    Thanks for the reply.

    Actually I suspect the only items that are time-sensitive in BRIDGE magazine are the adverts. The rest of the material, though educational, could easily be lifted from books, and carries no urgency for me.
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