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Problems with Scorebridge software?

Does anyone else have a problem with Scorebridge's licence key process?

The core of my problem is when I really, really need to score last night's club session urgently, I find I am locked out of scoring a new event because the software tells me I need a new licence key.  So I immediately email the couple of addresses I have for Scorebridge, and here I am, more than an hour later, desperate to start scoring, and I haven't had any reply from Scorebridge.  How big an operation is it?  Just one man? What if he is on holiday?

I have a valid Scorebridge R10 licence.  All I did this morning was upgrade within R10 to get the most current version of the software.  Now it is telling me I need a new licence key, which means contacting the unresponsive support desk at Scorebridge.

So this is not like 'Windows Update' in which you simply download and install the latest fixes, with no-one at Microsoft asking me for a new licence key.

Scorebridge seems to have a process deliberately designed to exasperate, because it punishes you for trying to install the free update, by making you wait for the support desk to get back to you.

I'm not surprised the EBU is now pushing its own free scoring software.  Scorebridge's support is unacceptable. 


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    Scorebridge eventually responded to me, more than six hours after I had lodged my urgent request for support. The support guy claimed that their commitment is only to respond within 48 hours.  

    I find this utterly unacceptable, particularly when Scorebridge sends you a new licence key, they insist that you load it onto your system right away (well, the same day anyway).

    Anyway, the wait gave me the chance to install and try out EBUscore, which seems pretty good.  I will be cancelling my subscription to Scorebridge and recommending our club switches across to the free EBUscore.
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    Have you switched? Any help required to do so?
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