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Two Clubs over One Club

edited June 2008 in Bridge Laws
My opponent was playing the 'phoney club'...strong no trump.
I was sitting next to her and playing Acol.
My opponent's initial bid was 'One Club'. She need not of course have had any clubs at all.
I bid 'Two Clubs' indicating that I had clubs.
My opponent declared that I could not do this as she had already bid clubs.
Who is correct please?


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    You are free, at your turn, to make any legal bid you want. Just because your opponent has bid 1 Club it does not give her ownership of the suit!

    Over a "phoney club" my partner and I use two bids for showing clubs, double - showing a minimum opener with a club suit, and two Clubs showing a stronger more solid club suit and or better than minimum opener.
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    What's a 'phoney club'?
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    "Phoney Club" is a term used for an opening of 1 Club which does not necessarily show a club suit. It is also known as "prepared club".

    It is most frequently used when playing 5 card majors. It would be used with an opening hand, without a 5 card major and with points outside the No Trump range.

    e.g. playing a weak no trump holding 2 Clubs, 3 Diamonds and 4-4 in the majors, with a 17 point hand, there is no natural bid to describe the hand, so the "phoney" 1 Club is used with a re-bid in No Trumps.

    In the scenario above, playing strong No Trump, it could show a club suit, but it could also show a weak no trump hand (12 -14 points).
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