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What would you lead against opponents 4H contract when no other suit has been bid and holding? 

S - A x x x
H - x
D - K x x x
C - K x x x


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    It would help if you give the exact auction. For example there is a difference between:
    (1) 1H, 2H; 3H, 4H  - This is a hesitant auction, where neither opponent seems to have anything to spare and I would try to find a passive lead.
    (2) 2H (weak), 4H  - in this case the opener is weak, but responder may be strong or shapely or both. An attacking lead is more attractive.

    Also the form of scoring makes a difference. At Match Points (Pairs), a passive lead is more attractive than at IMPs (Teams), where you are more likely to make an attacking lead to try and beat the contract (because you are less worried about the risk of giving away overtricks).

    All leads are unattractive. Leading away from a king often costs a trick. Leading an ace (or worse: under-leading an ace) is a good way of setting up tricks for the opponents. Leading a singleton trump is also unattractive as it often ruins partner's trump holding. 

    Since I would never lead the spade suit, I would lead a club or diamond if I wanted to make an attacking lead. But usually I would choose the trump as the most passive lead available.
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