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Large print playing cards

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Hello, I and some friends enjoy a very friendly Rubber session, however several of us have eyesight problems and would benefit from playing with large print cards. Do you know where I can acquire a few packs please. We also wish to obtain some bidding boxes, again can you please help us with this.
Many thanks.


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    You can buy both bidding boxes and also large playing cards (as few or many packs as you wish) from the English Bridge Union. The web address is but you can order on the phone if you prefer that to online at 01296 397851
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    There may be a misunderstanding here. Large playing cards are not the same as regular bridge-sized playing cards with larger printing. Playing cards come in two basic regular sizes: poker size and bridge size. Bridge cards are slightly narrower than poker cards, about 7 or 8 mm narrower. To order cards that make it easier for visually impaired people to see the cards more easily, order what is called cards with "JUMBO INDEX." Here is a link that both describes and illustrates the difference.

    Good luck!

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    The cards I suggested are for bridge and are standard size but larger than normal print.
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    Oh, guys thank you for help. I `ve been looking for these cards several months but no avail.
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