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All Vul
Dealer West 3 H. / N Double./ E 4H / S ( after some thought ) 6S
I held South's hand
S. J 10 9 xxx / H. A 10 / D. A / C K xxx
Result - 1 Was I overly ambitious?? I anticipated a better hand from Notth
North's Hand was. S. AKxx / H. xx / D. xxx / AJ xx


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    I am no expert, but you have a 6 loser hand and partner an 8 loser hand. I don't think partner should have doubled - my own guideline is that I need fewer than 7 losers to double a 3 level preempt.
    Even if partner did have just 6 losers (say 15 HCP) , I would be a bit hesitant to bid a slam with your hand. I would settle for game, and if West bids on partner might bid on too, or, if not, I would double, Opps would only have around 13 HCP. 
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    Pre-empts are meant to cause us difficulties - that is why our opponents bid them.

    The North hand is a little light on values and many will pass. One principle you should consider, when defending against a pre-empt is that the defender short in the opponent's suit should try and compete if at all possible (since partner will often find it difficult to compete because their hand is too balanced). With a singleton or void in spades, North has an easy take-out double - even with light values. But holding a doubleton it is less clear and I would probably pass.

    But passing is not without risk. It is easy to construct hands where South will also pass and game will be missed. I wouldn't criticise North for bidding.

    Turning to the south hand, since your partner may have already pushed a bit to enter the bidding, you should be cautious about overbidding in response. Partner has probably bid some of your values for you. Bidding a slam after the opponents pre-empt can be unwise for another reason - suits are often breaking badly. You can often be defeated, due to ruffs, in an otherwise good slam.

    I would have settled for four spades on the south cards.

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