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4 card transfers

I like the idea of using 4 cars transfers, but how do i tell my partner that i have a balanced hand 11-12 HCP, as the 2 NT bid is now used as a 2 diamond transfer, Help?


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    When playing 4 suit transfers, use the sequence 1NT - 2C - 2 any - 2NT to show an 11-12 HCP balanced hand. 
    You need to alert the 2C bid , as it is non-promissary Stayman - does not promise that you hold one or more four card majors. 
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    Just seen a post by Tramticket - partner doesn't alert, just announces 'Stayman' and, if asked, say that it does not promise a 4 card major.
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    We used to play
    2 Clubs Stayman
    2 Diamonds transfer  to Hearts 
    2 Hearts transfer to Spades
    2 Spades transfer to Clubs
    2 NT 11-12 HCP
    3 Clubs transfer to Diamonds

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    In Acol, 1NT - 3♣/3♦/3♥/3♠ sequence alerts opener that partner has a very good 6+ card suit (SQT
    10+) and 16+/18+ HCP M/m, with game in the suit almost certain, and with possible
    slam interest as well.  Opener then
    starts slam investigation by cue bidding for controls. 

      ♠K 5 3  4  AK   
    A K J 6 5 4 2

    Otherwise it is difficult to show this strength and shape. With a slightly weaker hand, say five clubs and 13-15 HCP responder would bid 3NT.  

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    Should have written "say 6 clubs"
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