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Declarer changing their mind on card to be played

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Can you please clarify the rules on the following:

Declarer called for a lead card from dummy - 4 H - which dummy picked up and moved. Declarer then said "oh no I wish to change it to K D" - can they do this or should the original card be played? It would have had an impact on the result!


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    Law 45C3 says a card in the dummy must be played if it has been deliberately touched by declarer
    Law 45C4A says A card must be played if a player names or otherwise designates it as the card he proposes to play.

    In short no he may not change his mind. He can change an unintended designation if he does it without thought. Spade, I mean top spade would count I think. Let a director decide how to apply the law in such situations and they should have the law book with them when they come to the table.
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