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Scoring a fouled board

One board on Wednesday evening was played correctly at 6 tables, but the cards were returned incorrectly to the board by Table 6, such that at Tables 7 and 8, N/S played the E/W hands and vice versa.  Should averages be awarded at Tables 7 and 8, or should the board be scored exactly as recorded on the traveller?

If the former, what would you do if the board was fouled after 4 rounds, not 6, or even after just one round?


  • When in doubt read the instructions!!!!!!!!
    Law 87 suggests to me that I should score the hand as normal for Tables 1 through 6, and award average plus to the better of the two N/S and E/W and average minus to the two lesser pairs.  This seems more equitable than just giving them both an average score.
    Is this a correct judgement?

  • On this side of the pond, it is the North player who is responsible for sending an accurate board to the next table, so I would be blaming North for the problem and NS should get an appropriate penalty, whatever that is in the EBU

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    You can't score the boards as arrow-switched, because dealer and vulnerability will be different.

    Do not understand the comment about the "better" and "lesser" pairs. If you are referring to using the fouled board formula to create a subfield, you can do,that. I don't know whether awarding average plus to the pairs who received the fouled board is legal, but it is the easiest solution. Definitely give a PP to the pairs who fouled the board, unless on,y one of the pairs was at the table before it happened.

    And tell the players that removing the board from the table is illegal.
  • The ebu White book (free download) is clear enough, see 8.87.1. If a board is arrow-switched when it shouldn't be, score it as it was played, tweaking the pair numbers. Pairs scorer (and probably other packages) handle this just fine. It's extra work for the scorer, of course: but well done for noticing! If the board is truly fouled (swapping N & W, for example which has been known at sit out tables) you can only score the before and after plays as separate hands. By the way, the job of a director is to try and ensure everyone has the best time possible: I think it's a director failure to average a board.
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