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Declarer's play after his claim

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If declarer lays the remainder of his hand on the table and wishes to explain his line of play, is it correct if an opponent wants him to carry on playing from his closed hand in the normal manner as the said opponent says he/she cannot follow his line of play. Can declarer refuse this request legally?


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    When a claim is made, play must stop.

    Declarer makes his claim including any explanations of how he/she will play it. Based on this, the defenders can either accept the claim or, if either defender does not accept the claim, they should call the director. There is no provision for the defender to ask declarer to play on (and yes declarer can and must refuse a request to play on).

    The director will rule on a disputed claim taking into account any explanations provided by declarer.
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    Many thanks \\\\\\tramticket for your reply
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