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Pass or bid?

What should you do with this hand? The opponents open 1D, Partner overcalls 1H and Responder bids 2C. You are sitting in 4th seat, non-vulnerable and you have 7 spades to king jack ten, a singleton rubbish heart, a singleton ace and four tiddly clubs. Should you make a competetive/obstructive spade overcall and if so at what level? Or should you pass?


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    It would help to know whether oppents are vulnerable and the form of scoring (IMPs or match points?). It would also help to know any system agreements (for example I would play a 3S bid as a fit-jump, others might play it as a splinter - in either case that would rule out the bid!). Even a 2S bid can have different interpretations - I would tend to play it as natural and constructive, but others might play it as forcing (or non-forcing sign-off).

    Playing my systems I would probably bid 2S, but I might bid 4S vs. vulnerable opponents.
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