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Second to play... Count v 2nd plays low

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I have just watched Bernard's dvd on signals. On the count signal which is done second to play after declarer. If declarer plays a low card, how do you know when to do a count signal v the general principle that second plays low? Thanks


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    You would not normally signal with a card that might potentially win a trick. so, as a general rule, you would not normally signal count with an honour (there may be some exceptions, but this is a good starting assumption).

    So if you hold Q2 in a suit and declarer leads the suit it would be normal to play the two because the queen is too valuable. On the other hand, if you hold 82 in a suit you should normally play the eight first and then the two - showing an even number of cards.

    Good luck with giving count signals. It will really improve your partnership if you and your partner give count signals to each other and learn to interpret partner's signals.

    You should only give count if the information is valuable to partner. If the information will be more valuable to declarer you should just play your cards in the normal ascending order. This isn't easy and it will take experience to know when the information is more useful to declarer. (For example it is really useful for partner to know how long to hold up an ace when dummy has a long suit to run, but if you know from the bidding that partner cannot hold the ace then you have less reason to give an honest count signal).

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