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A good defence to the mini no trump (10-12)?

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Any suggestions?


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    Hi Maureen,

    When defending against a weak (or very weak) 1NT opening, it is important that your side is able to double them for penalties, and constructively bid towards game.
    How about playing 'Landy', where:

    Double is for penalty;
    2C shows both majors; and
    Anything else is natural.

    Over the penalty double, you need to discuss the meanings of bids from the doubler's partner (some play that the responder to the double treats the double as a 1NT opening - so 2C is stayman, red suits are transfers, etc).
    Over the 2C bid, showing both majors, responder uses 2D when s/he has equal length in the majors, asking the 2C bidder to bid their longer suit.

    Hope that helps,

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    I play the mini NT with a 10-12 range, and I have played this for over 2 years. We have had great success with it. I have spent considerable time discussing possible defenses to the mini, and the bottom line is: there does not exist a any really nice defenses. The best I have seen on defenses is an essay written by Bernard Magee, called "Landy Defense to 1NT." (OK, he spelled it "defence," but since I am American, I wrote it the way we spell it on this side of the pond!) To read this essay, all you need to do is go to: and enjoy what you read :)
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