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On-line Bridge.

As the time is fast approaching when I may not be so mobile, and attending the local Bridge Club might prove difficult, I am wondering whether on-line bridge might be a worthwhile option for me.
Can anyone recommend a website where one can play a no-nonsense game of Bridge to a reasonably high standard?  (I am up to EBU County Master level)


  • Bridge Club Live is an online affiliated club so you can earn master points (www.bridgeclublive.com). You can get a free trial to see if you like it before committing to the subscription
  • Thanks, Jeremy.  I'll give it a try.
  • http://www.bridgebase.com/index.php

    It's free . . .


    Click - play or watch

    Click all Clubs

    Click all public clubs

    Click Acol Club

  • Sometimes I think it`s more difficult to play online
  • I disagree. Online gaming is more interesting I think. For example, Roulettessgames is developer mostly for online gaming, because it is more demanded. So I think other game provviders are choosing online playing option.
  • Bridgeclublive is definitely the place to go. There is also an app called Fun bridge that lets you play on most devices.
  • OKBridge was really good some years ago, but I am not sure about now. I agree with the poster who said it was more difficult to play online; you are probably watching the TV at the same time, drinking wine, answering the door or the telephone... it seems more like a video game than an actual bridge game with people. At least to me.
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