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Bidding problem

Last night at my local club I held C-KQxx, D-Ax, H-Qx, S-AJxxx. Partner opened the bidding 1C (we play sayc so could have been 3) and over 1S rebid 2C (opps passing). I opted for 3NT based on total points and lost the first 6 heart tricks when partner had a singleton - oops. Is there a way to show my 5 card spade suit as partner had 3 and 4 spade was cold? Was 3NT unlucky or would 5C be a better option? Thanks


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    Looks like a difficult hand to bid. Assuming you have no conventional gadgets to help (what would an immediate 2NT response show?), you have a difficult choice. 3C is inadequate, 4C goes past 3NT, 3NT is guessing. There are two problems with 3NT: you might have a vulnerability in a red suit or you might miss a possible 6C.
    I might invent a 2D bid over 2C and see what partner bids next!
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