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Jump shifts

edited May 2008 in All Things Bridge
When do you use a jump shift after partner has opened 1H say? Any response in a new suit is forcing for one round and the jump shift takes up a lot of bidding space. On the other hand it could be argued that it describes the power of your hand.

I very very rarely do it but I suppose the one time I might would be with over 16 HCP and a long (6+ cards) and strong suit.

What criteria do others use to jump shift? (This is for uncompetitive auctions. With opposing interference I play fit jumps)


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    I play WEAK jump shifts for the very reason you said above -- the strong ones never happen (almost never) and this is a game of probability. Why not use the bid the way it could be used with a weak hand? These occur so much more often, and a simple change of suit by responder is usually forcing, so . . . why use a jump shift as forcing when we already have a forcing bid availabel which does not make the auction get so high. I believe in bidding fast and high with bad hands and slowly and low with good hands.
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