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Opening light third to bid after two passes - alerting?

If we play that in the above set up we can open at the one level with 9-19 pts [instead of the usual 12-19] as part of our agreement and we play at a small club where no one uses Convetion cards, should we be alerting the opposition to our argreement and if so how?


  • First, you need to confirm whether you are allowed to play the system. If your club allows Level 2 Partnership Understandings then your opening bid must meet the following test:

    A 1-level opening in a suit must either show 11+ HCP, or show 8+ HCP and satisfy the Rule of 19 (Blue Book http://www.ebu.co.uk/documents/laws-and-ethics/blue-book/blue-book-2014.pdf s6.c.1.).

    If your club allows Level 4 Partnership Understandings then your opening can be a little more shaded:

    A one-level opening bid in a suit, whether forcing or not, must by agreement show 8+ HCP and, in first and second position, follow the Rule of 18. Natural 1NT opening bids must show 9+ HCP. (s7.a.3).
    If the bid is allowable, there is no need to alert.
  • Thanks
    Thats clear.

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