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Prempt Bidding over 1NT

Opposition opened 1Diamond Partner 1NT my response with seven clubs Ace-10 plus two others to partner 3clubs can I do this discussion followed I should have bid 4clubs ?

Many thanks

Mavis Watkinson

P.S Returning to Bridge after seventeen years


  • (1D), 1NT, (Pass), ?

    It is usual to play "System On" after a 1NT overcall. This means that you play the same systems (Stayman, transfers) over a 1NT overcall as over a 1NT opening bid.

    For most players, the sequence 1NT, 3C is a strong action and it would follow that (1D), 1NT, (Pass), 3C should also be a strong action. Differenent partnerships have different methods for showing a weak hand with clubs over a 1NT opening. in old fashioned Acol it was normal to use 2C Stayman followed by 3C over the response as a sign-off with a weak hand in clubs. [Others use 2S as a transfer to clubs, or 2S as a transfer to either minor, or 2NT as a transfer to either minor, unfortunately there is little agreement among Acol players on which method to use!].

    If using this Stayman method the bidding might proceed (1D), 1NT, (Pass), 2C; (Pass), 2D/H/S, (Pass), 3C.

    This is a tricky hand if you are returning to bridge after 17 years! Good luck. :)

  • But this question does not belong in a section about Bridge Laws. According to the Laws you can have any agreement you want.
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