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Wrong bid

My partner west mistakenly opened 1 heart vulnerable instead of 1 no trump with 12 points balanced, no 5 card major. I responded 1 spade with 6 points, and 4 spades to the 9. Partner passed, not having a rebid or a fit. After going 1 down, South complained that he was waiting for the rebid before deciding whether to enter the auction. Should anything happen following on from this?


  • Probably not.

    There is no suggestion in your post of any hesitation, or passing unauthorised information. You and your partner (East / West) have choices how to bid your hands and if they do not conform to the choices that your opponents would have made then that is no concern of yours.

    The one spade response is generally considered to be forcing. If you and your partner regularly pass a "forcing" one spade response then you might be adjudged to have an implied partnership agreement and your partner should alert the one spade bid (the bid would have an unexpected meaning). But I think this very unlikely in this case.

  • Teaching others to play Bridge I have always emphasised that before they bid they should decide on their re-bid.   That re-bid might change as others bid but if you don't have a re-bid then 1NT is the best bid.

  • This does not apply in this case; a 1NT rebid would likely show a different range from the weak NT South actually had. I think it is unreasonable to expect players to have rebids after all possible mechanical errors!
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