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1NT re-bid

1D, 1S, INT . . . . . .a 1NT re-bid by opener shows 16hcp. 

That's what I was taught yet I know that some play this with a point count of 15hcp; which is correct and why? 


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    Both are correct - depends on which system you play. 

    I can't be sure about the exact point counts, but:

    In Modern English Acol playing a Weak no Trump (12-14), a 1NT rebid shows 15-16 points. 

    In Precision, 1NT opening bid is 12-15, with a 1NT rebid showing 16-19. 

    Playing the Modern Acol strong 1 No Trump opener (15-17), a 1NT rebid is 12-14.  

    Playing  traditional Acol, a strong 1 no trump was 16-18 so a 1NT rebid showed 12-15. 

    When I pick up references on  systems or conventions, I have to sure I am not cherry picking different bits from different sources or I will get holes, overlaps and inconsistencies. Michaels, Landy, RKCB queen ask, Unusual No Trump, Weak twos, Benji 2D opener, Cue bidding for controls - they all have similar names but once you get into the detail there are many variants, and you need to make sure you and your partner play one 'system', and one version of every convention within that system.  
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    If you play a weak NT then I would recommend your NT ranges as follows:

    12-14 = Open 1NT

    15-17 = Open 1-of-a-suit and rebid 1NT (or rebid 2NT over a 2-over-1 response.

    18-19 Open 1-of-a-suit and jump to 2NT (or make a non-jump rebid of 2NT over a 2-over-1 response.

    20-22 Open 2NT.

    23+ Open 2C and rebid NT


    (1) The traditional Acol advice was to rebid 1NT with 15-16, 2NT with 17-18 and 3NT with 19. The problem with this approach is that you quickly get to 3NT on a 19 count, but there may still be a 4-4 major suit fit and no room to investigate. Or you may wish to investigate a minor suit slam but you don't want to go past 3NT.

    (2) The 2NT rebid after a 2-over-1 response is played as wide ranging (15-19). This is playable because most play the bid as forcing to game (recomended). If you do not want to treat the 2NT bid as forcing you will have to jump to 3NT if you hold the values for game.

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