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Playing on-line

Hoping to hone my skills, I recently joined a (free) on-line Bridge group (Brdige4Free).  I suspect it may be having the opposite effect.  Most of the players ( Americans) play SAYC or 5cm and St NT and good percentage are just 'winging' it.  This site does have a sister site (at £69 a year) which purports to be 'better'?  Has anyone got any recommendations?  


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    Is it Acol you want to play? Bridge Base Online is also free and has an Acol room.
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    Bridge Base Online (BBO) is the largest site and is free. As Daisy says, it does have an Acol room (worth looking round the site to find it). Bridge Club Live is not free but is a large site with many English users.

    But playing with random partners can be difficult - particularly if you are new to the game and looking to improve. You need to identify partners who you can play with regularly and will play similar methods to you.

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    Just to add to this  . .

    BBO was a bit of a minefield with a lot of angry people playing SAYC and the like.  There is however a ACOL group that can be found under . .  'List all Tables'  then 'All Clubs and Private Clubs',  then 'The ACOL Bridge Club'  There is however few players in this area !


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