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Movement for Teams of four for five tables - help please

Need help on the above. A simple explanation of a simple movement please.



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    Five is a simple movement. You need 24 boards which are set out in groups of six. Then for each round boards down one and teams down two. If I sit at my team table (say 4) at the start then for round 1 the boards go to table 3 and EW to table 2.

    If you particularly wanted a break and the boards to be secure you could put out 3 boards per table and move after every 3 boards and then introduce new boards for the second half. This will be slower.
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    Thanks Jeremy.
    You say 24 boards in groups of six. That means 4 'groups'? But there are 5 tables?
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    Sorry should have been clearer. There would be 30 boards put out but you would only play 24 of them.
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    Thanks Jeremy. That's clear.
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    Four tables needs board sharing but the rounds will be long.
    The easiest movement is to just play three head-to-head matches 1v2 3v4 then 1v3 2v4 then 1v4 2v3.  Just swap EW with opponents for each round and share 8 boards between all four tables.  Use a different set of boards for each round.

    You can cut down on board sharing, and/or play each match in two halves (allowing a half-time break) using a stagger movement. 
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