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Doubling after transfers

Probably being stupid but what is the answer? Open 1NT , response Stayman or Transfer followed by doubled. Is the doubler weak in clubs (stayman), diamonds or hearts (transfers) or not? As I understand it they are saying I am strong in all suites other than the one previously bid but the one previously bid isn't really a suite bid, it is a convention. Most grateful for guidance. 


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    Doubling an opponent’s  artificial bid (Stayman, Transfer, Strong 2 Club, Cue Bid, Blackwood, Gerber etc)) asks partner to lead the bid suit. It is called a lead directing double, so it usually means you are strong in that suit. 

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    Well doubling to show the suit is one way to play it and quite a few do. The other way to play it is that double of the response to 1NT shows you would have doubled 1NT i.e. you have 16+. Its something you need to agree with partner and doubling to show the suit is simpler but occasionally will leave you in difficulty when you have the values for game and no very convenient way to get into the auction.

    for example if it went

    1NT No 2C and you held

    S AQ7
    H KJxx
    D KQx
    C Kxx

    If double showed clubs you couldn't easily take action and you aren't worth 2NT even if it were natural. If you pass and the opener bids 2H and this was passed round to you Double would normally be take out of hearts and 2NT would show the minors so again you are not in a good position. Fortunately these hands are rare and it is usually when you are vulnerable against not that the damage may occur.

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