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Dislosure of discarding system

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We played in a county competition yesterday and we were asked what our discard method was and we said mckinney. opp then asked what suit my discard of the 4 of hearts asked for and my partner said clubs. My question is that I'm sure I've read that you dont have to interpret your discards only explain the system. I cant see anything in the blue book that specifically addresses this. Can anyone clarify this please


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    All you need to do is tell your opponents your system (and any exceptions etc.). However, it is not sufficient to just give the name of the system - players play and interpret systems differently. A better and fuller description might be:

    "We play McKinney discards. A high card in a suit asks for the highest ranking suit and low card asks for the lowest ranking suit (excluding trumps)"

    You do not have to have to state whether a particular card is high or low - this is a matter of interpretation given the other cards on view. If partner discards the 4 hearts you may have the 6, 7 and 9 of hearts in your hand and can see the 5 and 8 of hearts in dummy. You know that the 4 of hearts is a high card, but you are not obliged to tell declarer (worse still, if you did you might give your partner unauthorised information!).

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