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10-13 Mini NT Defense

edited May 2014 in All Things Bridge
Although I am from across the pond, my partners and I love (very) weak NT openings when non-vul in seats 1, 2, and 3. We open 1NT with 10-13 hcp, although with 12 or 13 and a 5-card major, we will open at the one level in our major suit. When we began to play the mini-NT about 5 years ago, we tried to come up with a decent defense and could not find anything that really worked well. What we do is we play Landy or natural, nothing else.

Does anyone have any defense they use against the mini-NT that I might not have seen somewhere else?


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    I'm not sure you need anything very special to defend against a mini. You should, perhaps, shade your double in 4th seat(13+?). When you do double there is some discussion to be had about what to do next particularly as most who play a mini have some intricate escape mechanisms. Knowing what is forcing and what is not, which doubles are penalties and which are not will help a lot.

    One quite popular defence to a 1NT opening (of any strength) currently is Multi Landy which is

    2C=Majors as you play now
    2D=a six card major (as in a Multi 2D opening but somewhat stronger)
    2HS=5 of that major and at least 4 of a minor
    2NT=both minors usually 5-5
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    Interesting ... I also like Multi-Landy. I like to keep doubles up to similar strength as for a weak (12-14) 1NT opening - which is 16+. I will shade slightly in second seat if I have a strong lead available, but wouldn't shade in fourth seat (partner is leading blind).

    The advantage in keeping the double up to strength is that partner can normally stand the double. If you double on inadequate values partner might pull the double on a five-count when you are looking at a nice fat penalty.

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    That is true but also consider what happens if partner passes on a flat 14 in 2nd seat and you have a flat 13 or 14 in 4th seat and no convenient way to get into the auction. You need to minimise the chances of this happening which is why you need to get into the auction in the protective seat.
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    The OP seems to be in ACBLand, where Multi-Landy is, unfortunately, illegal. (Even though Cappelletti is extremely similar and is legal).
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