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Q-Plus 11- How good is it?

edited February 2014 in All Things Bridge
I am thinking about buying Q-Plus 11, but it's quite a lot to shell out so I would appreciate comments from anyone who has bought it and used it (or Q Plus 10). 
I am a keen but relatively novice player, and am looking for software that will guide me through pre-set hands, bidding and play, and allow me to input my own hands and compare my bidding and play against best practice. From what I have read on the Q-Plus site it seems to offer what I am looking for. I can't find any recent reviews of Q-Plus vs. other software. I have read one review from 2001 that was very favourable but things will have come on a long way since then. 
I am also going to try to download the demo. I think I did this some time ago when I was just starting and never got round to testing it, so I suspect may not be able to download the demo a second time. 


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    Never used Q Plus so can't help there.
    I'm just a regular Club Player. I have Bridge Baron on a Tablet. Cost about £15 for the download. I find it good for practicing bidding and play. I use it on the train on my way to work You can set it to Benjie Acol with Stayman and Transfers and  with three levesl of dificulty. Easy to either play or skip any deal and then get a quick score in IMPs of how you score against the 'computor'. Trial version available I think.
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