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4th suit forcing

edited April 2008 in Bridge Laws
I play 4th suit forcing with my bridge partner and this works out well.

Last night however our oponent said our 1nt response denied majors ...let me explain

I opened 1club
partner replied 1 diamond
I replied 1 heart
Partner replied 1NT

We ended up making a better contract than the others who were in diamonds.

My partners 1NT bid told me she was covered in spades (which she was). If she has replied 1spade then she would have been asking me if I was covered in spades which I wasnt and would have replied 2 Diamonds as I had 5 of them.

The opponents lead was a spade and she said my partner denied having a major with her 1NT response. I am curious to what everyone else thinks about this bidding, did we do something illegal in Bridge bidding terms or was she just upset she lead the wrong suit and we made the contract as a result?




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    In Acol the sequence 1C-1D-1H-1S is not fourth suit forcing, it is natural showing 4+ spades. This is to avoid missing a spade fit. To use fourth suit forcing you must bid 2S instead of 1S.

    I am unsure as to what you mean by 'covered in spades'. I assume you mean he has four of them. That being the case he should bid 1S.

    If he has a control in spades (but less than four), and less than four hearts he can bid no trumps at a suitable level. Thus I would have interpreted your partner's bid as showing a control in spades, less than four hearts and about 6-9 HCP.
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