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Defender states 'I have no spades'

edited February 2014 in Bridge Laws

It is becoming increasing popular (at our club at least) for a defender who cannot follow suit to state 'I have no spades' for example.

Is this legal or does it fall foul of Law 74C4 as bringing attention to a significant event?


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    I am pretty sure that it is not permitted for the player discarding to announce that he / she has a void in the suit led, as his / her partner might not have spotted it if not concentrating, and it may be considered to be an encouragement to partner to lead the suit as soon as the opportunity arises. 
    As far as I am aware It is permitted for the partner of the discarding partner to ask, interrogatively, "having no spades, partner?" as this reduces the possibility of a revoke.  This is one of only two occasions when dummy is permitted to speak (the other being to alert partner if he/she is about to lead from the wrong hand)

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