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Benji ACOL with two balanced hands 28 & 5 HCP?

edited December 2013 in All Things Bridge

My partner and I are relative novices and play Benji ACOL. My partner had a balanced hand (3343) with 28 HCP, and I held a balanced hand (4333) with 5 HCP. Partner opened 2 diamonds (25+HCP balanced) , I
responded 2 hearts (0-5 HCP), partner rebid 2NT (we play Stayman & Transfers), I responded 3NT showing no majors, and partner passed. We took 12 tricks, as our 33 HCP count suggested. How should we have bid? If partner had bid 4NT would she have been asking me to bid 6NT with 4-5 HCP or pass with 0-3 HCP?


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    After your partner bid 3NT, you should have started a slam enquiry. This would depend on your system - either cue bid first then second round controls or use Gerber. Experts don't use Gerber.
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    If the contract is going to be in No Trumps, how do we use Cue bidding safely? Controls could be voids rather than Aces? Or does cue bidding without an agreed suit mean asking for specific Aces / Kings and not voids? 
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    The norm is to bid 2C-2D-2N with 23-24; 2C-2D-3N with 25-26; 2C-2D-4N with 27-28.  This is very lumpy and inelegant and gets the bidding too high to allow meaningful discussion.  You can get by at club level with this arrangement as you simply don't hold that many 28hcp hands.

    A gadget to keep the bidding in bounds is called Kokish.   2NT opener is 20-21.   2C is either a very strong NT hand or forcing to game in a suit.  Partner usually responds 2D negative or waiting.  2C-2D-2NT is now balanced 22-23  (these values can be changed a point by agreement).  2C-2D-3NT is 26-27hcp.  With 24-25hcp or 28+ opener does not bid NTs but relays with 2H and responder must bid 2S.

    Now 2C-2D-2H-2S-2NT is 24-25 and 2C-2D-2H-2S-3NT is 28+.   System (i.e stayman, transfers, etc) is on and if used over 3NT the bidding is forced to suit agreement or a minimum sign off of 4NT.

    What happens when the opener has a forcing to game hand in hearts?  Start the same way but after the forced 2S bid, opener should bid lowest first round (non-heart) control.   e.g. 2C-2D-2H-2S-3C shows game going hand in hearts plus first round control of clubs.  Responder then continues more or less normally.   This convention is very useful but comes with an extreme health warning - it is a 'high forget' convention compared with its frequency of occurence.

    In your scenario playing 'simple' methods, a rebid of 4NT might indeed have got you to the slam.
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