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slam sequences

edited December 2013 in All Things Bridge
In the EW sequence

1H (East) – 1S – 3D – 3H – 3S – 4NT – 5S – 6S – Pass

Is the usual meaning of the 3S spade a cue bid or showing 3 card support for spades? 


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    1H     1S

    3D (1) 3H (2)

    3S (3) 4NT (4)

    5S (5) 6S (6)

    (1) Usually played as game forcing - at least 5 hearts and four diamonds.

    (2) Sets hearts as trumps. Because we are in a game forcing situation this bid would be stronger than 4H (the Principle of Fast Arrival) - i.e. it suggests some slam interest.

    (3) Since hearts have been agreed as trumps and partner has shown some slam interest this must be a cue-bid.

    (4) If you play Roman Key Card Blackwood then hearts are the agreed suit!

    (5) Key cards + the Q of hearts (playing RKCB).

    (6) Oops!


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    I should have given the hands (East to open):



    S: AK8762

    H: J73

    D: 7

    C: AJ 10


    S: QJ9

    H: AQ542

    D: AKQ 10

    C: 2


    I wanted East's 3S bid to show 3 card support for spades and so to be able to arrive at the 6S slam. If the 3S bid showed 3 spades then West knows East's hand shape (3 spades plus at least 5 hearts and 4 diamonds and so at most 1 club) and so West knows it will be possible to ruff club losers. Can you suggest how it would be possible to arrive at 6S (a far safer slam than 6H)?

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    I am a beginner and this is my first posting, so apologies if I have got this wrong, but I think the problem may lie with West not rebidding a very good 6 card Spade suit instead of supporting Hearts. With strong 3 card Spade support East could then go straight to Roman Key Card Blackwood, implicititly accepting Spades as the trump suit as it is the last suit mentioned before bidding 4NT. 
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