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Questions at opening lead

edited October 2013 in All Things Bridge
There is a disagreement at our club as to whether the person who is on opening lead should select a card and place in face down on the table before or after asking questions about the auction. It seems to me quite bizarre that you would have to select a lead card before you ask questions if you didn't understand the auction but some of our more senior members insist that is the case. Had a quick search on t'internet and cant find anyting for or against. Thanks


    edited 10:11PM
    You are right that it would be bizarre to have to select a lead before asking questions.  This is in the Law Book, Law 20F2: "After final pass and throughout the play period, either defender at his own turn to play may request an explanation of the opposing auction. ..." So the defender on lead may ask about the opponents' calls until he has played (led, face down).  He may not ask questions after he had led face down until it is next his turn to call.
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