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Unathourised information

edited October 2013 in Bridge Laws
At a recent club duplicate my RHO opened 1D. I bid stop 2H and LHO bid stop 3D. Partner passed and RHO bid stop 5D. This made. My issue is that when LHO bid stop 3D he was giving his partner information that his hand was too good for a simple raise (maybe he didn't see my bid) and that the 5D bid may or may not have been warranted. Therefore how do I handle this (I'm quite new to club bridge and hope at some stage to try my luck at a higher level). Can I ask to see opps hand at the end and question whether he would have raised had it been a simple 3D overcall. Also, does it matter if the contract makes or not (I know it sounds like I want my cake and eat it ;-)).


    edited 12:04AM
    You can ask to see the opponents hand but all you can really do in this position is to call the TD.  Unauthorised information from use of the stop card is something that is best drawn to the attention of the TD at the end of the auction.  (This also avoids the problem of knowing whether the contract makes or not).  The TD should agree the facts and ask to be called back at the end of the hand.  You can choose whether to recall him then.  

    In a club duplicate this may appear heavy handed but the alternative of getting the opponents to agree that the stop card was used unnecessarily and then trying to decide if the 5D bidder has used unauthorised information is all likely to create more ill feeling.   So I think you should get the TD involved as soon as possible.
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