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use of stayman

can stayman only be used in response to a 1or 2NT opening or can it also be used when opener first bids one of a suit and then rebids 1 or 2NT(showing 15/16pts or 17/18pts respectively)?


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    can you please help?
  • Stayman is used only in response to opening bids of 1NT and 2NT. The convention you are looking for is called Checkback. For example the bidding starts 1H-1S-1NT. Opener has already shown 4+hearts and denied 4 spades but may well have either a fifth heart or a third spade. Either of these cards may be enough for the partnership to have an unreaveled 8-card fit divided 5 in one hand and 3 in the other.

    A 2C rebid by responder is Checkback and forcing. There are several schemes of response but one fairly playable one is that opener responds 2D denying any extra cards in the majors, 2H shows a fifth heart, 2S denies a fifth heart and shows a third spade, and 2NT shows both a fifth heart and a third spade.

    Other analogous sequence are available after a minor suit opening. Those who prefer to open the lower of 4-4 suits (e.g. 1D rather than 1H when holding 4 cards in each of the red suits and an otherwise balanced hand) will find that it is nearly obligatory to use Checkback. Those who bid the major before the minor will have less need for the convention but it is a good one anyway.

    Ned Paul
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    Thank you - most helpful.
    Bernard Maguire.
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