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doubles - penalty or takeout?

edited April 2013 in Anything Else
At the 2 level when someone doubles, I understand it to be a takeout unless alerted before 3 NT level to be something else. Is that so, or can a pair make it a penalty double without alerting it, even if they have not filled in a card saying what they play? I have asked two experienced players and each gave me a different answer - one adamant that it was ACOL standard play to alert if not a takeout double, and the other saying that if that's what they play then that's what they play. Incidentally, I asked just before play of game started so when I found out it was a penalty double and not a take out double, I felt somewhat done out of a possible further bid.


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    It sounds as if your opponents misunderstood your question and were trying to explain standard methods.

    Under EBU regulations, below the level of 3NT you alert if your double of a naturally bid suit is not takeout.
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